Dealing With Difficult Board Directors

Difficult members of a board could pose a major threat to the efficiency and cohesion of the board. While it may be tempting to let the issue slide in the hope that the person will change their ways or leave the board when their time is up, that’s generally not the best option. It is more likely that the problem will continue to escalate and become more prominent, negatively impacting everyone else, making it harder for them to fulfill their duties efficiently.

One method to deal with difficult board directors is to directly intervening. Invite the person to an interview with the chair or someone they respect and who will listen to them, to discuss the issues that are causing their behavior. Try to gain an understanding of the underlying cause behind the behavior, such as an impression that they are not respected or valued by the other board members. It is essential to have an end goal in mind. For example the way they conduct themselves needs to change. This will stop the conversation from becoming an argument or confrontation.

If the offender is not confronted in an individual conversation, it is often helpful to bring the issue to the attention of the other board members in a collective intervention. This is a fantastic opportunity for the chairperson to show that they respect the opinions of everyone and are not afraid to confront those who are causing trouble. behavior. It is also essential to keep track of what was said in order to inform people on any information that has changed when you return to them.

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