How to Accelerate Communication With Stakeholders

Communication with stakeholders is increased

In today’s fast-paced world it is crucial to communicate with stakeholders swiftly and effectively. Whether it is announcing new project milestones, sharing progress updates, or seeking their input and feedback communicating with stakeholders at the right moment, through the appropriate channel, can help to reduce confusion, improve engagement, and help speed the resolution of issues.

This process begins with identifying your stakeholders and determining their specific needs and preferences. This can be done through surveys, holding stakeholder meetings, sitting in on conference calls, monitoring conversations on social media, and more. This information will help determine the frequency at which you communicate with each stakeholder group as well as what kind of information they should receive and in what format they’d like to receive it.

Once this is done, it is important to create a stakeholder communications plan that addresses these objectives. This is where the stakeholder matrix can come in handy. It will allow you to rank stakeholders by their interest and level of influence, and allow you to record the type of communication they need. This could include copy and design reviews as well as video conferences for groups.

Some stakeholder groups may prefer certain types of communications, like face-to-face meetings, emails, or online meetings. Understanding what type of communication each stakeholder prefers will ensure that they are receiving relevant information that they can easily digest.

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