Kaspersky Antivirus Review

Kaspersky Antivirus is a powerful malware protection program that boasts an impressive array of features. The features you receive depend on the plan that you select. It can be anything from basic protection against viruses and malware to a comprehensive security suite.

The user interface for Kaspersky is simple and visually appealing, with all features laid out in a convenient tiles on the main screen. From here you can initiate scanning in a quick or full manner and view the results in a the most concise and clear way. You can also see the status of your device (e.g., a green checkmark indicates you’re safe) and get suggestions for further actions.

Some of Kaspersky’s best features include a leak detection system that checks the dark web for personal information that are available for sale (e.g. email addresses as well as credit card numbers and social security numbers) and a weak settings scanner which scans for configurations that could make your device vulnerable to attack. Other security tools include an onscreen keyboard that prevents keyloggers from tracking the physical movements of your keyboard to reveal your login details, as well as an emergency disk to disinfect the computer that has been compromised. A free VPN is included with Kaspersky Internet Security subscriptions, though it’s limited to 300 MB per day.

While the software does a good job of keeping your device safe however, some users are concerned about the privacy practices of Kaspersky Lab. The company is owned and managed by the Russian security firm Eugene Kaspersky. It has been accused of collaborating with the government during the war in Ukraine. While the company denies these allegations however, the controversy has hurt its reputation. To regain confidence, Kaspersky has started its Global Transparency Initiative to prove that it is committed to the privacy and independence of its employees.


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